We at Frozenbyte love fan art of Trine 2 and we’ve noticed the huge amount of it on the Miiverse. So, we want to up the ante by introducing the Trine 2 Miiverse Drawing Contest!

Trine 2 is a very atmospheric and picturesque game, which we noticed has inspired a lot of people on Miiverse. It’s incredible how much people can create with a simple stylus, touch screen and black and white colors. So we decided to give all of you talented people a chance to win some awesome prizes with your awesome drawings! We will organizing this a few times and each round will have its own theme.


It’s summer time and you know what that means: the beach! Amadeus, Pontius and Zoya need some time off from their kingdom saving and monster slaying. Draw your version of the three heroes of the Trine on the beach. What could the trio be up to?

The Contest Rules

Three Winners

We will choose three winners out of all the participants who we will award with awesome prizes! Each round will last one week and will have a specific theme. We will only accept drawings based on the theme at the time.

How Can I Enter?

It’s simple! You need a Wii U and internet access to reach the Miiverse. Go to the Trine 2 community and draw a drawing based on the theme at the time. When you’ve finished the drawing post it to Miiverse and go write the following comment on your post:


and that’s it! Our support team will pick up your drawing and add it to the list of entries.

How Do I Win?

Collect as many Yeahs as possible and make it to the Top 10. From the Top 10 we’ll choose the three winning drawings. Also, we will be choosing one winner out of all the entries, regardless of the amount of yeahs, so everyone has a chance to win!


We’ll be offering a prize packs to the three winners. The prize pack includes a Trine 2 themed t-shirt, a small art book and a Splot plush toy. ย After we’ve chosen the winners, we’ll ask for the address and all other relevant information to send the prize packages.

Mushroom_Bookย Splot



– Draw Amadeus, Pontius and Zoya ย on the beach

– Post the drawing on the Trine 2 Miiverse community

– Comment on your post with the following text: #contest

– Collect as many Yeahs for your post as possible

We will announce the three winners of this round on the 9th of July. So post your drawing before that!

– Julius