I am very glad for all the comments you have left in this blog!
Thank you for that.

And the summer is pretty much here! (Do not laugh–in Finland summer lasts only from June to August, so we take pleasure out of every moment.) I noticed it last week, because it is starting to get hot in herrre. In the office that FB is growing out of.

– Our CEO Lauri had to order 20 more fans to keep the testers cool.

– Artists had to close the curtains because of the sunlight.

– Programmers’ computers ignited…

Ok, now I may be exaggerating a bit, but it could have been true, because
a) FB’s programmers are the hottest programmers in the world and
b) they really work so hard that their computers are in danger of imploding

So we wish you all the warmest possible summer greetings from everyone at Frozenbyte and we will be here hard at work the whole time. 😉

– Susie