I just heard the cutest story. As you know, Splot is coming out soon and FB’s project manager Tero has been busy with this awesome game since 2007. He is the father of the whole project and very proud of the game, as he should be!

He is also a happy father of two kids. Once he asked his children to test the game. They did and reportedly were quite satisfied with their father’s and his team’s work. Just one little minus.

“Not enough fairies”, was the judgement of Tero’s daughter.

Tero considered these wise words. “Why not?” he thought and decided to put a fairy into the game.

Nettle was born.

She is fast as light, strong as an ox and cute as a kitten. Nevertheless, she is also so tiny that she can live in Splot’s mouth.

In the picture you can see Nettle as the small ball of light and as many of you may have already found out, she plays a very integral role in solving puzzles and general gameplay.

More on Splot and Nettle very soon, as we are nearing the launch of the game.