Splot is our up and coming cartoony puzzle platformer, that will be out soon for a variety of systems. The game will run at a whopping 60fps on high end and still at a very playable 30-40fps on lower end devices.

The mobile systems we have here are iPhone 4th Gen, iPod Touch 1st Gen, iPad 1st Gen, HTC Desire with Android and Nokia N900 with Maemo. We will also support Flash with a likely Facebook integration and of course a native application for PC, Mac and Linux.

All in all we are not sure if all of the mobile platforms shown will be supported, but Apple devices will definitely be there. Also cross-platform saving is high on the priority list, so you should be able to continue your game when you transition from Facebook Flash back to you iPad.

Splot will be out soon, first we just have to give it a final polishing for that fresh out of the factory shine. 😉