So I just got my E3 passes from the LA convention center info and apparently there are two different kinds of passes. The “exhibit only” is your regular pass that you get to see the main areas with. I got one of those.

Then there is also an “exhibitor” pass that you can use to get into virtually every corner of the center at any given time. I wouldn’t need one of those per se, but Atlus was kind enough to supply me with one of those also.

So I took full advantage of my super pass and walked straight into the main exhibition areas. Once I took out my camera and was about to spoil this bastion of game heaven in progress, I figured that I might get into actual RL trouble if I did that, so instead I chicken’d out and took some photos of the toilets.

More actual material from the show floor tomorrow.. 🙂


Edit: Pictures of toilets sadly lost over time. 🙁 -Riikka