So last week we showed you a little bit of how cramped our office space can get. It was inevitable that we really needed to do some cleaning up and reorganizing.

As it happened our CEO, Lauri, had an awesome, albeit time consuming idea about how to make cleaning cooler. We were to make a fort out of all the cardboard boxes that we had before we take them to the recycling bin.

After most workers left for the evening, a few imaginative individuals stayed behind and with the power of ale from the neighboring Kingdoms we managed to raise a castle worthy of praise. At least we were a tiny bit proud of it, until the next day that everyone realized that nobody can use our conference room before some real cleaning takes place.

We had a lot of fun, cleaned the office (twice) and realized how many boxes a small game company can accumulate before actually having to do something about it. Lesson learned and in our next office we will make an even bigger castle!