As of very recently Trine 2 has gone into “content lock”, meaning that no additional assets will be created for the game and that all that remains now is for the coders and testers to get that shiny coat of wax on and check the engine for any final tuning.

This and also our front door lock is busted. I mean it works, but only in two extremes. It started with the door not really closing, so we had to pull it after us each time. Then we called a locksmith and now it makes a bang so loud that the Pentagon would be evacuated for less. Today we have another expert coming in to put this situation to rest and lock us down like Fort Knox.

Oh yea, even though content lock has been put into place for Trine 2, it doesn’t mean it will be out next week. There is still a very tedious approval process we have to go through to get it there. What it does mean is that it is finally on the way to getting there and very soon we can actually start giving you more details with confidence.

“It is released when it is done” still remains, but at least a huge part of it is now officially done.