So it is not a great surprise that we are using Nvidia technology for a lot of stuff. PhysX is an integral part of all our games and 3D Vision made the first Trine even more beautiful.

Now Trine 2 has Nvidia 3D Vision support too and all of you out there can go test it out right now, since it is already available in the beta.

Here is a 3D teaser screenshot if you don’t already have beta access (Only works with the aforementioned hardware).

And just to clarify on the multiplayer features, Steam now supports PC/Mac online multiplayer, so all of you will benefit from having more people to join the adventure with.

As for console cross-platform or even PS3/PC multiplayer, our wizard Amadeus has had trouble with the fireball spell, so it is fair to say that this type of cross-platform magic was just too much even for him to hack. 🙂

Full PR at Eurogamer.