So if you got Trine 2 on Steam and maybe you thought the game was a tad too easy, you can now try your luck with the new “hardcore mode”.

The hardcore mode makes the game a lot harder and is definitely a great new way to change up the gameplay.

Basically what the mode does is that you can only use each checkpoint once and then you have to start again from the beginning of the level.
Also it makes the enemies a bit harder by giving them more health and power. So it is an option that you can use alongside any of the current difficulty levels …to give them a boost in a way.

Other big addition that is available in the menus is a new of limiting the levitation skill.

You can now choose to turn off player levitation completely, or have it for be available for “self, friends, or everyone”.

Trust us, these options can make the game very different and add some more of that sweet, sweet re-playability.


P.S. So yea, tricks like this can now be disabled very easily (1:12)..