We got our Wii U consoles set up at the office last Friday, and since then we’ve been browsing the Miiverse.

One of the most useful things seems to be posting screenshots from a part in the game where you have gotten stuck and then asking for help from the community. This seems to work well with Trine 2 since it’s a puzzle game where users can clearly see the issue from a give pic.

Other than that the Miiverse seems to be spouting up a lot of talented artists, even to the extent that the Trine 2 community now has around 3000 users both in the U.S and European regions.

Here are some of the highlights:

The drawing above we had to answer with a customized message directly from Amadeus. 🙂

Also our texture artist joined in and drew this nice comment pic below.

We’ve had great fun viewing these awesome drawings and reading some hilarious Trine jokes. Miiverse is awesome 🙂

If you haven tried it yet, we highly recommend! Lets make the Trine 2 Miiverse community over 9000!