We here at Frozenbyte value the well being of our fans, employees and surroundings in general.

In the video above we talk a little about how our company works with environmental issues and on what topics we should work on more. Recycling is key, but also changing our methods into “digital only” is important to reduce our ecological foot print. Of course we still support retail copies for people who want to collect things like art books, but overall we like to see the industry turning to a download centered model.

On top of this we touch upon the topic of having a food service provided for all our employees. This happens in the office kitchen by our own wonderful chef Tini 🙂 …To reduce waste, the food that is left after lunch can taken home to make sure that there are very little scraps to throw away at the end of the day.


The picture of a note above is actually from a lobby space in our office where we have recyclables that employees can leave or take according to their needs.  Just another step into being a bit more of a family environment compared to the norm.

From digital to recycling, our external and internal community values make us who we are. As much as being “indie” or independent developers makes our games what we want them to be.