NVIDIA announced its new mobile processor, the Tegra K1 at this year’s CES a few days ago. In the presentation by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, you might have seen a short bit of Trine 2 🙂


You can see the Trine 2 part shown the event at around 17:44 into this video:

We’ve had our thoughts on bringing the Trine series to mobile platforms for quite some time now, but so far the technology hasn’t been powerful enough, until now! The Tegra K1 is something we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and we’re happy to say that it packs quite the punch, and is able to run Trine 2: Complete Story nicely. So in the near future when the Tegra K1 Android devices start rolling out, you’ll get to see Trine 2 on mobile for the first time!


The Android / Tegra K1 version of Trine 2 is based on our own engine. This is our first Android port, so the development has been interesting and we might share more about our experiences later on.