Frozenbyte is looking for new talent to join us in making the hit games of the future. Our company is guided foremost by a desire to make awesome high-end games. That end result is guaranteed by our independence – publishers or investors won’t have anything to do with our games. Our latest game, Trine 2, has been praised both by critics and players as one of the all-time greatest games made in Finland. Trine 2 is also a financial success with over five million copies sold worldwide.

We do our best to maintain a great work environment and an enjoyable atmosphere, where everyone works together and knows what they’re doing. We’ve squeezed out all external timetables to a minimum, so we can focus on the important bit which is making games! Internally we work very professionally and strive for careful planning and time management. The quality of our games is what matters the most, so if needed, the timetables and budgets will have to adjust. We rarely have people working overtime, and if they are, we pay for it.

We self-fund all of our games. Our company is primarily owned by our employees, so we answer only to ourselves. Thanks to our swift movements, we’ve been among the first developers in the world on Steam, Mac App Store, cloud gaming services and Humble Bundle. In addition to that, our games have been on the launch of the Wii U, PS4 and NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 chips. We don’t use any subcontractors, and we’ve taken the independent do-it-yourself attitude so far that we have our own catering staff and a company moving van.

At the moment we are developing five different games, one of which is of a known series and four are new IP’s. Four of the games are coming to high-end devices, and one to mobile platforms. We are not bound by genre, platform, or IP; We make all types of games based on what feels good for us. Our projects are finished, and we don’t jump continuously from prototype to another.

What We Expect from our Employees

  • A burning desire to make the coolest games in the world
  • Talent in your own area of expertise
  • Sufficient amount of own initiative
  • Ability to adapt to a quiet work environment

What We Offer

  • Creating world-class games with awesome co-workers
  • Breakfast, lunch, moving van, sauna department and other perks
  • Multiple (voluntary) hobby activities with co-workers
  • A competitive salary
  • Medical

Open Positions Right Now


Right now we are especially looking for experienced programmers. In addition to highly varying game projects, we are also developing for all the relevant platforms (consoles, mobile devices and Steam). Thanks to our own in-house technology, we can offer very diverse tasks and projects to our applicants. We appreciate the desire and ability to program in all types of projects.

We are always looking good candidates for various roles, so applications are open at all times. We are one of the largest games industry trainers in Finland, so we gladly also accept applications from people who have no prior experience from the games industry.

You can find more in-depth guidelines and introductions to our different departments at: