In Shadwen, you play the titular assassin on a quest to kill King Gwydion.

To get through Rivendon Town and Rivendon Castle to him, you need to choose if you intend to kill all the Guards in your way, or if you’ll deviously distract them to allow you to get by unnoticed.

You are not traveling alone: Lily, a bright young orphan, is with you, and your relationship with her depends on what sort of impression you give her. Will she witness you murder the Guards, or will the two of you pass through the night-time shadows of Rivendon like soft whispers, harmless and barely noticed?

In this short series we showcase different ways to play Shadwen.

Shadwen Playstyles: Completely Lethal

How you want to play Shadwen is completely up to you. For example, you can go on an all-out killing spree, which is what the Completely Lethal playstyle is all about.

Our Frozenbyte QA have to test the levels quickly and efficiently time after time, so they prefer to have at ’em with the sharp efficiency of Shadwen’s knife: straight, to-the-point and no-nonsense.


“I prefer ADHD playstyles in general, rather than advancing slowly. Fiddling with the traps takes too much time, and Non-Lethal is much too slow, so I prefer a murderous rampage with my knife, while ignoring Lily’s opinion of me.”

— Henri from QA


“I like this playstyle because it is a fast and simple way to play the game. Compared to the other two playstyles – Completely Non-Lethal or Mixed style – where you try to avoid Lily discovering your real motives, killing the Guards while Lily knows you’re an assassin is an efficient way of getting along in the game.”

— Pete from QA

Our Frozenbyte Financial Manager also likes to play lethally, but unlike Pete and Henri, he makes more use of the selection of crafted traps in the game.


“I prefer playing lethally, but I let some of the Guards live who aren’t standing in my way. I use the traps to take down the Heavily Armoured Guards.”

— Finance Guy