🎅🏻 Day 14 🎅🏻


The annual Frozenbyte Pre Christmas-Party was held on Thursday the 5th of December. Thursday might seem like an odd choice, but Finland’s Independence Day was celebrated on the 6th, so we had the Friday off for much needed rest.

The party was held at our office, and most people worked diligently until it was finally time for the party to start. Some also left work earlier in order to go home before returning to the party. Since our company has grown quite a lot and we have had many new employees, there was also a voluntary Get-To-Know-Your-Coworkers round where people would go around and show where their workstation is and what they are working on.

Around 4:00pm majority of people had turned off their computers and headed downstairs to drool over the delicious traditional Finnish Christmas foods that our catering had prepared for us. There was a salad bar with a green salad, mixed beetroot salad (rosolli), pickles, mushroom salad and green peas. Herring and gravlax are also part of a traditional Finnish Christmas dinner.

For the main dishes we had an assortment of root vegetable casseroles: rutabaga, carrot and sweetened potato. An oven baked ham was also served, and some veggie-patties as a vegetarian option.

There was no formal dinner, so everyone was free to eat and socialize as they wished. The downstairs “auditorium” room had been rearranged to better accommodate our employees and other quests. The bar was set up near the downstairs lobby, with different spirits and mixers, along with some drink suggestions printed out if you didn’t quite know what kind of drink to make.

Frozenbyte’s parties are very relaxed and casual affairs, and that was the case this time as well. For most of the night people just spent time chatting with each other and enjoying the foods and drinks. Later during the night, the office’s sauna was heated up as well.

As the last public transport connections of the night were approaching, many people wished their colleagues good night and happy Independence Day and left home. Others would stay until the early hours of the morning, playing video games and making sure there wouldn’t be too much leftover alcohol.

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