Week 48 (25.11. – 29.11.2019)

Here are the progress notes of week 48:


  • Cargo Lock Beam “status”-fields added to YOLOL, functionality tested: cargo lock beam state can be shown in the UI screen with YOLOL.
  • Group instancing in asteroid mining job tested: group members can see each other and all the asteroids in instances regardless being inside or outside of the instance.
  • Electricity costs for furnaces, material smelting and cargo beams calculated.
  • Economy simulation calculations and planning worked on.
  • Maneuver Thruster resource consumption adjusted to meet it’s reduced thrust power.
  • UX improvements to UI design: unifying highlight and interaction logic across different UIs.
  • Device component design logic adjustments to support smoother updates to existing ships in cases where device function is significantly changed.
  • Improving station storage design for clearer interaction when storing different types of material (ships, inventory items, resources).
  • Device design for additional ship information and control devices.
  • Company station inventory management design worked on.
  • Minor fixes to general UI for companies.
  • CV design for medals and insignia worked on.
  • New bolt profiles, that reach the ship’s frame, created.
  • Rocket launcher added as an option to be automatically reloaded.

 Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Spaceship Creator tested with modules that have cables and pipes installed.
  • Fixes for previous multiplayer issues regarding stuttering and modify device fields tested and verified.


  • Triangle thruster bolt positions updated in Pincer.
  • Missing pipes added to device hardpoints after adding launchers to Kingdom Lance.


  • Automated bus routes tested, couple routes adjusted after station updates.



  • Building Tool: Shadows and dynamic lighting removed from holograms for better performance: an assert fixed when rapidly building and completing multiple holograms of the same blueprint
  • Pose syncing: Doors and other objects fixed that have their poses synced relative to other objects gliding out of place: extrapolation time limited for clients whose packets haven’t been received
  • Further working on maneuver thruster, first basic tests and implementations: applies torque to reach target
  • Simplified and modified inventory code simplified and modified to support moving items between player and station inventories better
  • Button/UI hover animation fixed to not to play during reload
  • Local adaptation in the new entity syncing system fixed
  • A speed output field in Main Flight Computers added
  • Handling of quickly changing looped sound sources fixed and constant simple collision sounds from objects stuck into each other fixed
  • Rail mover audio fixed
  • Rangefinders not seeing LODs fixed
  • A resource network lockup issue caused by by YOLOL inputs fixed

User Interface

  • Backpack finding incorrect slots as free or not free slot fixed, maximum slot amount being two less than it should have been fixed.
  • Allowing items fixed to be swapped when they wouldn’t fit on dragged item source slot.
  • Quickbar items not being added on game start fixed, quickbar now updates until all the items have found a match in the inventory.
  • Tools and weapons are now able to be set on quickslosts.
  • SSC text inputs blocking chat permanently fixed.

Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Issues in complicated object group transformations have been resolved.
  • SSC device issues have been discussed and resolved: devices should no longer perform automatic entity merges and splits while in the edit mode.
  • Reset rotation functionality has been re-implemented: this applies to all previews and single component selections.
  • Refactored the SSC background management: background is no longer technically bound to the open scene.
  • Blueprints are now allowed to have empty names: if a blueprint has no name, a localized create timestamp should be displayed instead.
  • Build bounds visualization has been updated.
  • Highlights now work on selected assets even if the layer opacity is set to 0.
  • Fixed a bug that caused performance issues when a lot of assets were hidden.



  • Command center chair positions adjusted, since the player drone slightly clipped with the tables.
  • VIS main hall polishes and parenting: docking bays and outer walkways.
  • Station module’s windows in the making.


  • Gun effect tweaks: Effect switched on minigun for one with additional unique particles, gauss rifle muzzle flash iterated on.
  • Bolter gun’s hit effect’s emission reduced.
  • Rifle and one-handed tool type weapons/tools now have carry run and walk animations.
  • Pickaxe now has 3rd person relaxed and universal tool idle animations.
  • Rocket launcher 3rd person draw and holster animations improved.
  • Pistol, repeater pistol, tactical shotgun, laser rifle, battle rifle and grenade launcher textures updated and tweaked: paintjobs were updated to have better combinations.
  • Torpedo Launcher: Preliminary models fixed for the Torpedo Launcher update, tested to work with other assets such as mounts and cradles, high poly models underway.


  • Errors related to LOD maximum distance fixed, the maximum distance has changed and some of the LODs are exceeding it which caused an error.
  • UI icons: Inventory icons made for Bolt Tool magazine, Cable Tool magazine, Pipe Tool magazine and loose bolts.
  • Snapping point accuracy problems on plate assets fixed.
  • The shoot effect of tractor beam updated to be shorter in order to avoid clipping through objects.

Gallery of the week


That was all for now, until next week!

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