Week 33 (August 10th -14th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 33:



  • Design for a more customizable quickbar system has been done. Basic movement and resizing features have been designed as well as the ability to bind each quickslot individually without having to go through the settings menu
  • Material tooltip design has been updated
  • One new Spatha shipwreck has been added to Ship Demolition Job
  • Tooltip descriptions for crystals have been fixed from “Ore” to “Crystal”
  • Design for Ship Demolition Job tutorial phase is progressing, programming tasks have been created
  • Tweaks in material and blueprint tabs of the Universal Tool have been done, testing is currently underway
  • Beam welding design has been tweaked, testing is now easier to find optimal results on what kind of connections can be allowed
  • More material and damage tests have been done, new exploit fixes have been implemented and different damage configuration values have been tested
  • Economy configurations have been made for station beams, they now use Valkite+Bastium in 90:10 ratio
  • Player progression and exploration design is underway
  • Material progression related design is being worked on, structural integrity and durability on beams with different materials has been tested

User Interface

  • Design for the ship detail/info page is underway
  • Design for Durability view for Universal Tool started


  • Shops that sell player-made ships – Rando 1, Rando 2 and Okim Industries – have been added to the game
  • Player spaceships are removed from the original Spaceship shop, “Laborer” ship has been added
  • “Arrowhead” has been raised in Rando 1 Spaceship shop, to disable its hatch from hitting the floor
  • Design for the first phase of player-made stations continued. Station Foundation unit has been created
  • A collision in Large Hall 05, which disabled its usage in Lot Designer, has been fixed
  • Small Hall 12 has been added to Lot Designer


  • Triangle thruster extension/Booster design is in progress



  • More fixes have been made to scrap detection and deletion system
  • Torque deadzone adaptation has been redesigned; highly maneuverable ships hopefully fly straight better and encumbered ones are able to maneuver
  • Cargo Frame mass center bug potentially deteriorating ship controls during flight has been fixed
  • Audio support added for ships about to fail structurally due to motion, and a sound for such a failure
  • When detecting the ship frame, Durability no longer transfers from Thruster Bases to Beams via non-bolted connections such as cable pieces
  • An assert fixed where the Lifeline bound chair is locked onto a Cargo Frame
  • Components previously ignored when calculating the Building Budget volume are now correctly considered also in-game and by Durability
  • Thruster blockedness scanning now originates within the thruster, not next to it
  • An issue where beams were incorrectly highlighted in certain welding situations has been fixed
  • Spaceship Designer’s beam welding tool is now finished
  • Autoreload is disabled while in the inventory to allow easier moving of magazines
  • Various bugs in the new station lot loading system have been fixed
  • Tech for player station building is being planned
  • Large lots not blocking player movement on the far borders of the lot has been fixed

User Interface

  • An issue with ore tower resource bridge not syncing correctly to other players has been fixed
  • Asserts and a crash fixed when logging out while ores are being vacuumed
  • Company Rank Right overrides added for members

Spaceship Designer

  • Auto bolt and weld action execution speed has been optimized
  • An issue that broke ‘Save as’ dialog in Spaceship Designer has been fixed
  • Confirmation added when deleting modules and folders
  • A shift-button selection for modules should now work
  • Version history should now show correct blueprint types in different editors
  • Mouse wheel input no longer leaks through asset browser
  • Moving multiple modules with one drag & drop is now possible
  • Support added for moving and deleting multiple modules with context menu as well
  • Drag & drop -feature for moving single modules between folders is finished and committed, modules within folders are also now ordered alphabetically
  • Paint tool brush visualizer now ignores hidden layers and raycasts hit the paintable parts
  • Parts’ durability is now updated when material type is changed


Animations and Emotes

  • New animations made for bow emotes (/bow1 and /bow2)
  • New midair death animation in the works
  • Work on updating all 1st person “relaxed” animations continues
  • 1st person animations polished for: Rail rifle and Long rifle
  • Added animations when interacting with buttons while seated
  • Rummage animations have been polished

Stations/Lot Designer

  • Updated LOD + farLOD models to VIS HQ floors: Main hall, Storage and Loading dock A.
  • New LOD + farLOD models added to Spaceship shop’s side-shops (Bolt, Starsol, Sunny ship center), and level art.
  • Hologram LODs created for Command Center, Spaceship Design Workshop, Spaceship Shop and Empire VIS Headquarters
  • Imperial capital station holograms have been updated to match the new Rando player ship shop
  • Level art for Auction House has been added to Marketplace and Command Center


  • Minor tweaks made to Laser cutter’s heat distortion
  • Buzzsaw’s FX has been updated
  • Plasma rifle’s reload and idle effects updated

Armors / Player

  • New upcoming armor set Battalion is in the making
  • Juggernaut armorset texture quality polished and paintjobs have been updated
  • Pioneer unique armorset coloring has been adjusted slightly due to the Juggernaut paintjob update
  • Small color fix has been made for the Red Brigand large shoulder piece
  • Battalion armorset texturing is in progress

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐