Week 37 (September 7th -September 11th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 37:



  • Following weapons have been re-tuned:
    • Antigel Rifle
    • Battle Rifle
    • Gauss Rifle
    • Laser Rifle
    • Revolver
    • Pistol
    • Shotgun
  • Weapon damages have been updated across the board
  • First version of the Repair Job design has been completed
  • Ore Collector and Mining Laser power consumption configurations have been fixed
  • First sets of MaterialSet configurations have been added for new asteroid belt tech
  • Damage and armor system math for upcoming updates have been worked on
  • Economy design for Auction House, cargo crates and radiation are in the works
  • Blueprint projector design iteration has been worked on
  • Blueprint chip design is the works, intended to store blueprints in a physically transportable medium
  • Design for a small self-contained 3D printer device is underway
  • Design for explosive drill tool is underway

User Interface

  • Design for tutorial features is in the works
  • Work on the ship info page continues, changes have been made to how the info is categorized and displayed


  • Beam structure of a few grid slots have been made identical with other grid slots
    • Placeholder grid slots with the faulty beam structure have been replaced with empty ones
  • Empire and Kingdom outpost grid slots have been updated due to legacy asset removals
  • Refuel grid slot has been made; LODs are in progress

Spaceships / Spaceship Designer

  • Overlapping levers have been fixed in premade ships: Serf, Ocelot, Urchin, Nautilus Cargo, Ocelot, Romulus, Mason, Hedron and Kodiak
  • Outdated YOLOL chip slot boxes have been replaced in premade ships: Nautilus Cargo, Pioneer, Ocelot, Ithaca I, Ithaca IV, Romulus, Serf, Mason, Hedron, Peon and Kodiak
  • Spaceship Urchin: Frame bolting/welding in the ship has been updated as recent change from bolted frame to welded had caused movable chair not being able to move anymore as the moving structure was also welded to the main frame (chair can be moved again)


  • Issue where cabling/piping didn’t start from the aim sphere when the sphere had snapped into socket has been fixed, cabling/piping devices with deep sockets should now be easier



  • Issue where fragmented objects produce overlaps where intact objects do not, has been fixed
  • Unconnected FCUs affecting torque deadzones has been fixed
  • The temporary implementation of Ore Cargo Crate masses not correctly applying material densities has been fixed
  • Detecting thrusters as functional for FCUs when missing required attachments (such as box thruster internals) has been fixed
  • Auction House is under development
  • Station building is under development

User Interface

  • Large backpack weapon slot has been fixed
  • Material calculation tooltip has been finished
  • A fix for a bug where rewards are not received after a host change in Demolition Job has been worked on
  • Repair Job is being worked on
  • The new tutorial system is under development

Spaceship Designer

  • Another fix has been made to MUUS getting stuck in an infinite overlap test loop
  • Ship LODs and spawning between editor and in-game was adjusted


Animations and Emotes

  • Work on remote explosive animations continues
  • Work on explosive drill related animations started
  • New (mocapped) pickaxe hacking animations ready and in the game (both axe and hammer)
  • Carry and relaxed animations now work while flying


  • Ore Storage towers’ hologram LODs have been updated to use universal model and texture map.
  • Legacy assets have been removed and replaced with proper ones in Large and Wide hallway modules
  • Kingdom & Empire halls updated with their Lot Designer variants

Weapons & Armor

  • Explosive drill tool base paintjob masks have been made
  • Battalion armorset base paintjob masks have been made
  • Mounted Railgun visual effects for shooting and projectiles have been updated


  • Tweaks and tests have been done in relation to new asteroid belt
  • Inventory icons for the assets in the control devices category have been finished
  • Inventory icons have been created for generator fuel chamber, coolant recharge rack and small fuel rod rack
  • Inventory icons for all outer plate and window assets have been finished

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐