❄️ Day 12 ❄️

Something that we greatly enjoy here at Frozenbyte is community-made content inspired by our games. Seeing fan art, fan fiction and videos along with all the other material made by you players always brings a smile to our face! Thank you all for your creations and thank you for sharing them with us – it means a lot!

Some time ago, we started collecting Starbase-themed player-made content and started publishing it on the Starbase Forum, creating Starbase Community News. Starbase Community News is a monthly article series, where we take a look at what players have been up to in-game and what the community’s creative minds have put together recently.

Community News is currently only dedicated to Starbase, but in the future we hope to expand the series to other game communities as well!

If you’re interested in seeing what kind of content players have created so far, check out these posts:
Starbase Community News October
Starbase Community News November

If you would like to share your content with us, don’t hesitate to contact us on social media and tagging us. You can also share your creations on Discord on the channels dedicated to community content.