Our first Trine 5 update is out now on all PC platforms! (Coming soon to consoles as well)

Full patch notes:

Patch notes:

Major Fixes:

  • Added Friends-Only games on all platforms
  • Fixed Final Boss achievements and popups
  • Fixed an issue where proper audio failed to load
  • AMD: Fixed flickering issues

Online / Multiplayer fixes:

  • Browse game & Online multiplayer: Support for friends only games
  • You can now host an online multiplayer lobby for friends only using the “Host Friends” button
  • Lobbies: Fixed the max lobby search result(s)

Gameplay Fixes:

  • Added a failsafe to prevent issues with low fps configurations (Level 4 water puzzle fix)
  • Limited the amount of jumps player can do with Wind Burst Leap
  • Fused objects are now always kept active
  • Fixed levitation stagger getting canceled early if levitating a staggered enemy
  • Levitation: Properly synced switching from over-the-head levitation to accurate levitation when playing on gamepad
  • Various physics optimizations
  • Fixed an issue with invisible players
  • Fixed Pontius’s charge direction incorrectly syncing in online multiplayer (made sure he faces forward when charging)
  • Fixed Game Over blocking final cutscene
  • Fixed player ghost effect sometimes getting disabled after immortality flashing ends


  • Options menu fonts now update when text language is changed
  • Matched players menus background size and position with other similar menus
  • Updated buttons for “default”, “highlight”, and “pressed”, fixing them in both the Lobby and the Players Menu.
  • Updated the background menu image with a more high resolution version
  • Set player name to “local host name” if it’s empty. This should fix some offline game hosting issue for GOG users.
  • Fixed an issue with controller vibration
  • Fixed game not pausing when controller disconnects
  • Fix for narration being skipped in Level Select Menu
  • Fix for not being able to buy/refund upgrades on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed “controller missing” popup pause not being cleared in all the cases where the popup was closed
  • Tab menu (Skill tree, customization, collections) text fixes
  • Mouse hover no longer prevents the use of keyboard or controller to navigate tab menu
  • Customize character button now works with mouse
  • Fixed W and S keys on PC causing double input on level select menus checkpoint list
  • Fixed “The Spell of Gravity Reversal” overlapping with upgrade point counter on Nintendo Switch
  • Swapped “Difficulty” and “Password” sorting options in browse menu
  • Fixed Players menu to better fit localizations on Nintendo Switch

Level fixes:


  • Major Cutscene audio fix to joining players!
  • Fixed many objects being incorrectly affected by Wind Burst

Level 1:

  • Pressure plate fix

Level 2:

  • Fix early skeleton spawn

Level 3:

  • Missing waterwheel sound fix

Level 4:

  • Fixed the water wheel puzzle not working correctly for users with low FPS
  • Reset the rotation of the ending puzzle double-pole waypointdrive (also adjusted the collisions)
  • Fixed moving platform moving from windburst, potentially getting entirely stuck
  • Fixed a charge triggered voiceline.
  • Spikes fixes
  • Ropetarget fixes
  • Art fixes
  • Battlemusic fixes

Level 5:

  • Audio stopper tweak
  • Music volume fix

Level 6:

  • Cart issues fixed

Level 7:

  • Music volume fix

Level 8:

  • Fixed missing collision

Level 9:

  • Minor audio fix

Level 11:

  • Fixed issue with a Lava area cover
  • Various audio fixes
  • Fixed a platform and breakable wall issue
  • Enemy navigation fixes
  • Ledgegrab fixes

Level 12:

  • Added a simple hatch in a multiplayer normal puzzle

Level 13:

  • Audio fix to physics object
  • Windburst fix to elevator

Level 14:

  • Minor audio and physics fixes
  • Camera fix
  • Windburst basket fix

Level 16:

  • Minor art fix
  • Fixed Valeribot getting stuck in egg bomb attack state with a well timed cannon shot.

Level 17:

  • Out of bounds fix

Level 18:

  • Cube stopper fix
  • Animation culling fix
  • Fix for mage enemy not respawning after knocking it off the platform in the final fight
  • Prevented early triggering of a fight before solving a puzzle

Level 19:

  • Audio fix

Level 20:

  • Fixed incorrect music playing
  • Fixed final boss trophy unlock and credits stuff so they’ll actually have time and are guaranteed to trigger for client(s)
  • Also fixed end of level trophies to trigger earlier


  • Fixed missing impact sounds in multiple levels
    Lvl 7: Gold Bars, Lvl 6: Hard Mirror Box Wheels, Lvl 16: Wheel Rock, Lvl 17: Electric Generator, Lvl 13: Beam Block


  • Fixed Polish typo in language choices
  • Fixed German linebreak in menus


  • Level exit: Increased the fade out time a bit
  • Cinematics: Fix for level 9 skill quest cinematic camera spinning weirdly if the opening cinematic was played during the same run
  • Fixed bow drawing visualisation not showing for joining players
  • Fixed a crash related to Achievements
  • Fixed a crash caused by a controller player using keyboard and/or mouse to navigate customization menu
  • Added additional THQN and Globalstep names to Credits