The most observant of Steam users already spotted a new Achievement for Trine called “Enchanted” earlier last week.  I’m happy to clear a bit of the confusion today by revealing what this is all about.

Trine is getting a free update on Steam, called Trine Enchanted Edition, starting with a beta today.  The updated version does not impact the original game, both versions are still available, and can be selected from the same game launcher –  so you can choose which version of the game you want to play,  the original or the new one 🙂

Trine Enchanted Edition is a port of Trine to the Trine 2 engine, and as a result, many of the “missing” features of the original game, such as online multiplayer, have been added!  We have also updated the visual appearance of the game and improved the gameplay – the game should look and feel even better now.

Here’s a few screenshots:

Trine_Enchanted_Edition_Forest1_Heroes   Trine_Enchanted_Edition_Forest2_Skeleton

This is still under development and just the Beta-version.  Bugs and issues are likely to occur as it is still a work in progress. We are launching a beta because we’d love to hear feedback before a full release. The beta and official release of Trine Enchanted Edition will be for Windows only at first. We will be adding the Mac and Linux versions of Trine Enchanted Edition shortly afterwards, but we don’t have a clear estimate of the time frame yet, because most people here are starting their summer holidays soon. Our apologies for the delay.

You can access the beta of the game with the following steps:

How to Launch the BETA

1. Open your Steam Library


2. Right-click Trine and choose Properties


3. Navigate to the BETAS tab


4. Enter the following password to the access code field: TrineEEBeta2014
If the code does not work, try to restart your Steam client.


5. Make sure you have the beta chosen from the upper “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” menu and then close the window.


6. Make sure the Enchanted Edition is chosen from a drop down menu in the game’s launcher when you start Trine.


Please refer to this Steam thread for instructions on how to report issues. We are also updating all the known issues into that thread, to try and keep everything in one place. General feedback is always welcome of course.

Thank you all for your continued support and feedback, we hope you enjoy this update 🙂

On a final note; our office will be closed due to a bank holiday from Friday 20th until Sunday 22nd of June, so please understand that we might not be replying during this time. Please feel free to submit comments and bug reports while we’re away, we’ll return on Monday and look forward to reading them!