Jack Claw is a Frozenbyte project from 2006-2008 that has now been released in the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle and also the source code is available in the bundle.

Currently the demo that is available in the bundle is only available for Windows and only playable with a controller. This will of course be changed soon. We have an outside team that is working very hard on this and will continue to support the community so we can get the game development of the ground.

The first updates will be mouse/keyboard support and Mac/Linux ports. Most of which are actually already done but we still need to test them a bit more to make sure we can publish them.

In the future we hope that we can gather up a community where we can all have an impact on how this game will develop. We intend to have competitions for making music tracks, voting on boss designs and even featuring the most prominent community members in articles and such.

In the end this project will live or die by the support it gets, so I really hope we get it going, because I still think it is one of those very dear projects that we here at Frozenbyte would have always wanted to see finished.

– Mikael