The Bundle is back and better than ever.

Although I’m sure many of you have already picked up the Frozenbyte bundle, this is a good chance for those who missed it. Plus Frozen Synapse looks like an awesome game too and I’m sure to test it as soon as I get some time from this live customer support (btw we will be online a lot this week if you guys wanna chat).

To make this bundle a bit more interesting, I have made bets that this bundle will perform better that HFB and I actually won the first bet at 2h after launch against Lauri, our CEO. The next bet is against Joel our VP at the 5h mark, but it looks like I might lose that one. That is unless maybe I get @notch to help me out really quick.

Anyways, it looks like an other awesome week of chatting and finding out what cool things are to come.

Hope you guys enjoy, and do share the extra keys that you get. 😉
I’m sure your friends will appreciate them.