In this video we introduce a new game mode that will be available in the upcoming Trine 2. Unlimited mode allows you and your friends use any variation of the three heroes that you might want. So change characters as much as you want and finally get to play with three wizards and make a ton of boxes. 🙂

Also we would like to remind you that you can still purchase the current HumbleBundle and get a lot of cool Frozenbyte games for any amount of money, helping out us but also nice charities.

As a bonus for getting so far, we are also releasing a new version of the Splot demo that is very far along. Still the Splot release date remains as “it’s done when it’s done”, but at least now you can check out how far it has come. (Splot Beta is only available to people who have purchased the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle or the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle).