Original 3D model for the Anglerfish

As you may have heard, Trine 2 was released yesterday (yay) and we also put out a new trailer to celebrate this great day.

If you look closely in the trailer, right after the logo disappears into the water, you can see a small fish locking it’s jaws.

This is just a small example of the many wildlife that are presented in the game and this fish is actually based on a real fish called the Anglerfish.

A lot of the time our artists draw inspiration from the real world and then use that to create similar counter parts into the game and adding that little extra to make it look like it belongs in the world of Trine.

This can be done straight forward like with the fish or the frog and so on, but sometimes they are more abstract.

Like for example when a viking helmet turned into a steam machine.

Hope you enjoy the wonderful world of Trine 2 and remember to keep your eyes open. 🙂


Amadeus faces his dinner.