The mighty bonecrusher with his spiked club

As with a lot of the art in Trine 2, the living beasts of the world are all detailed and beautiful.

Well all of them not that beautiful, rather more ugly and fearsome.

We intended to make the goblins and the other enemies scary, but not over the top scary so they would still fit the scenery in the game.

After all Trine 2 is meant for the younger adventurers also (12+), so making monsters that would haunt you in your nightmares wasn’t exactly the goal.

The bonecrusher is a good example of that, you wouldn’t really want to meet him in a dark alley, but then again you won’t be traumatized by his looks either.

Actually I think we might have more of an issue with some of the spiders in the game. 🙂

Oh and also if you missed it, here is a making of video about the bonecrusher that we did a while back.