We’ve had people asking for the DRM-free version of Trine 2: Complete Story for a while now, and for a short period it was available through the Humble Indie Bundle 9. Now we’ve added the PC, Mac and Linux DRM-free versions to our Humble Store offering!


On another topic, the success of our Trine 2 Steam Trading Cards lead us to make some for the original Trine as well. If you’re unfamiliar with Steam trading cards, simply put they are collectible digital cards which you can use on Steam to craft yourself different badges, get backgrounds for your Steam profile and new emoticons that you can use on Steam.

Here’s a peek at what the Trine cards look like:


This weekend on Saturday (19.10) Julius and I will attend a local LAN event called Joke-LAN, where we’ll be doing a presentation about Frozenbyte and the games industry. Also, if you’re attending, you might catch a glimpse of Splot and get to test it out! You can check out the Joke-LAN website here.