This is a big one folks!

Frozenbyte is extremely proud to announce that Trine 2: Complete Story is a part of Humble Indie Bundle 9! Along with Fez, FTL, Brütal Legend, Mark of the Ninja and Eets Munchies Betawe’re going to be in this phenomenal bundle which is pay what you want. That’s right, pay what you want, DRM free and cross platform!

We are extatic to be a part of this, to say the least. So head on over to the Humble Indie Bundle site and choose the amount you would like to pay to get 6 amazing indie games (if you beat the average)! Afterwards, we would love to hear what you thought of Trine 2: Complete Story and the Bundle on our Facebook page, Twitter and in the comments below.

– Julius

Edit: We will be adding the DRM-free Windows version to the Humble Store purchases shortly after the bundle ends, sorry for the delay! If this causes any trouble for you please get in touch with Support and we can sort it out. -Joel