We had a blast at this year’s DigiExpo! We were stationed at the PlayStation area and had a few levels of Trine 2: Complete Story playable.

DSC_0490   DSC_0499

The PlayStation team was really nice and played our trailer on their big screen!

It was a positive surprise that many people were very interested in the PS4’s new controller and the touchpad controls in Trine 2: Complete Story. We were also glad that people enjoyed the artbooks we handed out and that there were so many visitors at the event: 30,000 people on Saturday alone!

On Friday and Sunday we also got the chance to show off the game and do a presentation on the big stage:


Presenting Trine 2: Complete Story on the main stage of DigiExpo

DigiExpo_stand   DSC_0504

The Expo was packed and there was a lot of interest towards the PS4 and Trine 2: Complete Story, we look forward to the launch! Thanks to everyone who visited 🙂