Sound design in games is crucial to creating an immersive experience. However, many of the sounds we need for our games don’t actually exist yet,  so we need to record them ourselves.  This is called Foley.


We have our own in-house audio studio, where our audio team records all of the sound effects for our games.  They’re always asking for random items such as old microwaves or anything else they could break in the name of sound science.

Here they are smashing different types of fruit and noodles, and beating some rocks with a hammer.

audio_studio_noodles  audio_studio

Sound Quiz 

We have a mystery for those of you with an eye, or should I say ear for detail!  The following sound has been recorded by our audio team: Mystery Sound

Can you figure out from what the sound originates from?  Answer in the comments below, we’ll be watching them closely. The person with correct answer will get a small reward 🙂