Trine 2 has just received a major new update on Steam! The game now supports touch-based devices that run on Windows, and we’ve made a specific UI for those devices.

We think the new control scheme really brings a fresh feel to Trine 2, so anyone with a touch-based device, please check it out and give us some feedback on your experience 🙂

Touch controls - Wizard  Touch controls - Thief  Touch controls - Knight

Here’s the longer changelog for the patch:


  • Fixed crash issues
  • Changed default resolution from 1024×768 to 1280×720
  • Updated Steamworks SDK


  • Added touch screen control support for Windows
  • Added touch screen on-screen buttons for Windows


  • Added build number into main menu
  • Fixed some misspelled names in credits


  • Updated multiplayer master server address


  • Fixed various gameplay issues


  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Added Russian localization for last 7 levels (Goblin Menace DLC levels)


  • Built MAC OS X with newer SDK, game isn’t compatible with OS X 10.6 and older anymore.

Enabling the old build

  1. Select Trine 2 from your Steam game library
  2. Right click on Trine 2 and open PROPERTIES
  3. Go to BETA tab
  4. Select beta: “old_v200_b1 – Old v2.00 build 1”
  5. Press CLOSE
  6. If Steam doesn’t start downloading data, VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE from Trine 2 Steam PROPERTIES -> LOCAL FILES
  7. Now you have the old v.2.00 (build 1) in use which was the build before this patch was released

If you experience any issues please contact our support via email: support(at)

We hope you enjoy the Trine 2 update and try it out on touch devices.



If you are having problems launching the game after the new patch, you can enable the old version by following the above 7 step instructions, see section “Enabling the old build”.

We will do a hotfix once we have more details about new issues.

Thank you for your patience!


A hotfix for the update out now!