In less than three weeks, on October 23rd, a monumental event is taking place. Splot, a game we’ve been developing for over 7 years is getting released on the App Store, and Humble Frozenbyte Bundle buyers will get the Windows version!

Splot, a cute blue alien has crash-landed onto a strange planet. As the trailer shows, also the Hungry Blobs have crashed and now intend to capture and eat the native creatures. Your goal is to race against the Blob Kings and rescue the birdlings!

Splot combines the gameplay mechanics of a modern mobile title with the depth and detail of an old-school platformer, with sharp new controls and crispy visuals.

Splot will be a paid game, as we feel there’s still a chance to be successful without going the free-to-play route on the App Store. Time will tell 🙂

More info in the upcoming weeks! In the meanwhile, if you like, you can follow Splot on Facebook.