Yes, we’re holding playtesting again. So, if you want to try games that we haven’t released yet and happen to live or be in Finland, now might be your chance. All you need to do is to fill this form! However, I also recommend reading more about this from below.

      What is playtesting?
      We are holding play sessions for individuals from outside the company to get feedback and fresh perspective on our games. This might happen long before the game’s release! Unfortunately we can’t arrange the tests outside of our office, so you’ll have to visit us.

        Is this a job? Will I get paid?
        No. If you’re looking for work, please see our Jobs page.

          When? For how long?
          The sessions might last for few hours, and they are usually held between 9-16 during weekdays. Let us know if you have any wishes regarding this!

            Is there a chance you’ll invite me?
            We might have some restrictions for individuals who work with games or as reporters. But otherwise if everything above sounded good, and you’re fluent in either Finnish or English, it’s very likely we’ll email you back!

              Can I still apply?
              Yes! This notice doesn’t get old, we always invite testers to our office through the whole year. 🙂

                If I’m invited, could I bring a friend?
                Usually not, but this might be possible. You might be able to come even with a couple of friends, so do mention that for example in the comments section of the form. However, we recommend that your friend(s) will fill the form too.


                Still interested? Here is another link to the form! Note that it’s also available in Finnish.

                Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about this!