What was lurking behind the corner few days ago? First day of the Frozenbyte Christmas Calendar of course! What is the Frozenbyte Christmas Calendar, one might ask. Well, it’s a great chance to win codes for our games. It’s also super easy, just leave a comment below or participate on all our channels for a greater chance to win, here’s the instructions.

Today’s game: Trine Enchanted Edition (Steam)

It seems that once again December came unexpectedly, so maybe it’s better to start easy with a classic image from the Trine series.


It’s good to remember that it’s always sunny somewhere in the world and it actually won’t be that long until we see the sun again on this side of the globe. Just kidding, next sighting of the sun in Northern Finland is in about four months!

Anyway, lets enjoy the winter time. Who is excited about Christmas? Has someone already purchased all the gifts? Or is Christmas just a bunch of regular days among all the others? 🙂