This update has been long overdue but it’s finally here! We have updated Has-Been Heroes with some cool new features, and fixed a lot of issues that have been reported to us. Thank you all for your input, we hope you enjoy the new stuff. 🙂

Here is the change log:

  • Added information about the heroes to the Heroes menu
  • Added more spell effects (visual)
  • Gameplay: Herald of Gales boss melee hits from 6 to 5 and Max Stamina from 18 to 16
  • Gameplay: Fire now removes freeze on enemies who are immune to fire
  • Gameplay: Fixed the Charm bug (does not hit heroes when charm ends)
  • Gameplay: Fixed Final Boss wet+wind bottom row issue
  • Gameplay: Fixed miscellaneous minor bugs
  • Gameplay: Fixed issues in tutorial helpers
  • Gameplay: Fixed dialogue text box “shadow copy”
  • Gameplay: Fixes to the backstab issues
  • Polished sound design
  • Polished spell effects
  • Polished text box wordwrap
  • Polished endings (incl. final story ending)
  • Switch: Improved controller detection and initialization
  • PS4: Polished controller button images

Overall these should be some noticeable quality improvements! The update will be live today on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, so all platforms are covered.

In other news, our Hall of Heroes page for the 100% completionists has been getting a number of new entries, totalling 11 brave warriors so far. On average, the full completion of the game took 162 hours and 177 games, based on the entries so far. That’s quite something!

…which leaves me to the final bit of news! It is also Summer sale time on Steam, and Has-Been Heroes is now -50% off for a meagre price of $9.99 USD! If you’ve been on the fence so far, now’s the time to pick up the most challenging game of the year. 😉

Let us know what you think of the changes!