Owl the Mechanical Owl

Nine Parchments - Owl

β€œThink, Owl, think. If Owl were a parchment, where would Owl hide?”
– Owl

Favourite spell: Electric Bolt
It’s easy to be charmed by a high-speed lightning projectile that stuns its targets. So much potential for experimentation, observation and unintended lightning injuries!

Owl is a self-aware mechanical creature and one of the many peculiar oddities of the Astral Academy. Being capable of casting spells and learning magic, Owl was accepted to study a couple of years ago. It seems to have a knack for lightning spells.

Owl is curious, analytical, perky and completely lacks all common discretion. It loves word plays, food and quirky pieces of clothing.

And Owl is full of questions. Who made Owl? For what purpose? Where does magic come from? Why do sandwiches taste so good? Most of Owl’s rapid rate inquiries go unanswered, but it hasn’t stopped the metallic construct from piling up the questions. Coupled with Owl’s distinctive ability to produce a steady stream of idle talk, conversing with it can prove a confusing endeavour.

Having learned from numerous people around it that money is an excellent thing to be in possession of, Owl can’t wait to graduate from the Astral Academy so it can enter the working life and start making money, so now Owl considers it very convenient that the Academy’s spell parchments are missing, offering Owl a chance to complete its spellbook.

Who else might want to find their Nine Parchments and complete their spellbook? Find out in our next post.