It’s been a busy and exciting few weeks here. 😁 We’ve shared some great news *wink *wink, received wonderful feedback and announced future endeavors and plans… and while all this went on, one of our Frozenbytees started his @Frozenbyte Instagram Takeover and shared us a slice of his life beyond work.

And as Ossi tells you in his posts and stories, for finding serenity and creativity is unique to us all and can differ immensely from person to person. It’s somewhat a ‘personal process’, forming from the person’s own thoughts and feelings and held in a place with familiarity and comfort. And when you have the liberty and the peace and for some, the quiet, you get creating and learning and ultimately bring forth something great. It is a time of moving forward.

You’ll find all the pictures and interesting thoughts and stories below, and remember to click on the images, as you’ll find a lot more info about Ossi’s work in the descriptions. Also, if you have any questions about his work, leave a comment here or on any of our social media channels and we will forward them. Please remember to check our Jobs page, there are some interesting positions open. 😊

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“I might have gotten carried away with how much text there is per post…
But you did get an honest slice of my life! :)”

Thanks for reading and do click on the images! 🙂