Week 49 (2.12. – 6.12.2019)

Here are the progress notes of week 49:


  • Testmap built for cargo lock frame and cargo beams: electricity consumption tested for both cargo solutions.
  • Mining backpack tested: compression rates and processing speed for the backpack configured.
  • Ship weapon prices adjusted to more reasonable values and crafting material requirements updated.
  • Economy adjustments: material and resource value calculations and price corrections and profit margins adjusted in configurations.
  • Improvements to joint motor behaviour design to prepare for new types, allowing cable connections on both sides for data and power.
  • New UI created for creating and joining a Company.
  • Design for Team hierarchy for Companies, player placement in Teams and ship rights for teams worked on.
  • Design worked on for new storage UIs and interaction.
  • Performance test done with the scaled thruster effects.
  • New bolt points added for the bolt profile in the large hardpoint corners.

 Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • Pre-cabled module tests: Carrier module test -> module modified and now there is enough lock beams for small fighter ship.


  • Plug component added to Navigation Receiver: bigger receiver now works on hardpoint without turntable (smaller receiver already had this connection possibility).
  • Docking to the carrier with smaller ship tested:
    • Some issues with docking to a moving ship: the smaller ship needs to be in a specific spot to be locked with the lock beams.



  • Building tool autofill feature, which will keep building an object even when not actively painting the targeted object, worked on.
  • Simplified and modified inventory code even more to better support moving items between player and station inventories.
  • Player mass now slows down ships and makes them heavier in collisions.
  • A separate manager was developed to handle thruster-like sounds of distant ships.
  • A visualization error in the Range Finder’s laser beam effect fixed.
  • Cargo beams now consume power based on how much they are holding.
  • Power consumption of Cargo Lock Frame adjusted.
  • A render bug in asteroids fixed, asteroids remain invisible until the fracture swapping is completed, so the inner material won’t flash across the surface when spawning in.
  • Building tool resources requirements estimation tweaked: maximum voxel volume is now the tool brush volume which reduces the possible error in materials consumption.

User Interface

  • Issue with UniversalTool having an invisible panel somewhere in the world when not activated fixed.
  • Ore compression support added:
    • Inventory entries can be tagged with massCompressed & volumeCompressed
    • Inventory slots have more space for items which volume is compressed
    • Mass & Volume can be configured and fetched from MaterialCompressionSettings
    • UI displays compressed ores with “Compressed”-prefix and their amount is divided by compression multiplier
  • Different mining backpack configurations support added: automatic processing removed from backpack that has no processing slots.
  • Functions created for saving and loading the player’s CV state from server.
  • Company description boxes set to have active input when they are opened.

Starbase Spaceship Creator

  • “Locate in 3D view” button added to the scene view window.
  • Increased allowed blueprint version file size on the blueprint server.
  • Issues with autosaving have been fixed (sometimes not clearing the stash or clearing it when it shouldn’t).



  • VIS loading docks decorations continue, focusing on outer decoration draft with loading docks.
  • VIS main hall dock decoration parenting and polishing.
  • Storage floor decorating continues; decals, plates and lights added.
  • Modeling and UV mapping completed for command center LODs.


  • Assault Rifle retopology worked on.
  • Visual tweaks to the Torpedo Launcher, some details removed.
  • All the material cubes edited to have similar bolting holes as the biggest version.
  • Revolver, Antigel, Rail rifle textures updated: paintjobs updated for better combinations.


  • Small asteroid rocks and clusters created.

Gallery of the week


That was all for now, until next week!

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