Week 16 (April 14th – 17th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 16:



  • Assembly Job tested, some issues found in bolt profile auto aim bolting in objects with more challenging geometry
  • Fracture debris destruction effect tested
  • Asteroid Mining Job rewards tested, some configurations made to the bonus rewards and balancing needs to be done to the rewards
  • Economy settings tested and future features planned
  • Economy design: ship weapon prices adjusted and missing items added to the turret shop
  • Design for missing highlights for multiple choice buttons in settings menu worked on
  • Upcoming chat channels design is underway
  • UI for armor customization tool worked on
  • Ship recovery feature: Initial design for potential future updates worked on, Design tests on initial system completed
  • Device resource networks: Investigating possible ways to improve system compatibility with possible future goals, Ongoing design for resource net integration with inventory system
  • Ongoing design for UI improvements to inventory, storage, and universal tool dialog


  • Durability issue in Ithaca V1 fixed: beam frame was a bit inconsistent near one of the main thrusters, frame near rear thrusters reinforced
  • Hedron and Urchin were found to have legacy YOLOL chips, YOLOL code edited to fit the current chip and old legacy chip was replaced
  • Mining ship tests underway: testing how long it takes to fly to the asteroid belt and fill up all all the crates

Spaceship Designer

  • Furnace modules added to category so they can be used inside Spaceship Designer
  • Ship design with furnace started, the ship needs a very durable frame since the furnace modules are heavy
  • Weaponry and Warheads limited object types configured and locales added
  • Spaceship Designer economy design tested


  • All curved end plates are now correctly arranged by size
  • Material types for ship windows updated to correct type



  • Manipulating non-owned ships in safe zones is now allowed
  • Cancelling a ship spawn now returns the ship to the inventory
  • Issues where grabbing lock remained after the grabber unloaded entity or when the player died have been fixed
  • Small ship despawning issues have been fixed
  • A tracking system for resources (fuel, power, etc.) is in the making
  • Support for lot inventories has been finished
  • Buzzsaw’s reload audio event not firing has been fixed
  • Lot visualizations having wrong rotations has been fixed, lot area restrictions are now finished

User Interface

  • Item shop not allowing to buy multi-part items such as small button has been fixed
  • The rest of the item shop’s max buy amount issues have been fixed
  • The ore vacuuming system now notices if there isn’t enough power and stops vacuuming ores
  • Item pickup checks have been fixed, won’t allow picking up Mining and Assembly Job spawned items anymore
  • Feedback server implementation is underway, some UI tweaks have been made

Spaceship Designer

  • Station designer’s background appearing in wrong orientation has been fixed
  • A log that can display text lines has been added to the bottom of the screen. This is currently only used to display a warning that an object in the current placement cannot be created
  • Lot terminal menus no longer display non-station lot blueprints
  • A bug that prevented multi-part robot arm selection has been fixed
  • A bug that prevented properties window device fields from updating properly in multi-selection has been fixed
  • A crash that occasionally happened when transforming objects too fast has been fixed
  • Alphabetical sorting has been added to module library in station creator
  • The possibility to use custom decimal count for sliders in settings menu has been added


  • Support added for instancing multiple planet groups


  • Gas giant’s orientation has been fixed in Spaceship Designer
  • Testing and fixing dynamic sky system refactor for the new mixed render queues and buffered updates has been finished
  • The explosion damage on solid planet has been implemented



  • Retopology for Pipe Tool has been finished
  • Additional info/decoration animations have been added for market station
  • Weapon turret assets’ low poly and UV’s have been updated
  • A new tiling metal fracture material which works with voxel fracture pieces and fracture debris assets has been finished
  • Rock instance amounts and render distances have been optimized,
  • New small pebble rocks have been finished and tested
  • Touchstone armor set’s texture and paintjob quality has been polished
  • Ad animations have been updated
  • Small adjustments have been made to rocky asteroid materials
  • Ice asteroid materials are in the making

Gallery of the week



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