Week 25 (June 15th – 19th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 25, hope you enjoy!



  • Economy has been added to the new station (Proia)
  • Economy configurations have been made to fix general issues
  • Auction House and Spaceship Designer blueprint UI design is being worked on
  • Plans for new armor mechanics to make damage more reasonable and balanced are underway


  • Lot updates:
    • Lot entrances have been centered in small, medium and large lot areas
    • Lot areas’ altitude compared to the entrance locations have been updated, this creates building room where it’s been lacking
  • Lot module updates:
    • Each hall module now fits their corresponding lot area size, no matter which connection port has been attached to the lot entrance
    • Due to this change, the following modules have been edited: Small hall 5, Medium hall 1-3, 5, 7, 8 and 14
    • The following modules have been temporarily removed, until their rework is completed: Medium hall 13 and 18; Large hall 3-5, 7 and 9
  • Grid slot updates:
    • “Housing grid slots'” lot entrances have been centered, resulting in modifications of walkways and surrounding decorations
    • Questionable decorations, such as floating panels, have been either removed or relocated in “housing grid slots”
  • Space station updates:Capital Proia, a sphere-shaped 5 km diameter Mega Station, has been created and is currently being tested


  • Two new player ships have been added to ship showroom:
    • Mare and Moti made by player Okim
  • Missing connection plugs have been added to hinge and slider bases:
    • Hinge (L-Profile) 24x144x36 cm
    • Slider (T-Profile) 24x144x36 cm
    • Slider (L-Profile) 24x144x36 cm
    • Slider (C-Profile) 48x144x36 cm
  • Triangle thruster Nozzle: Collision threshold has been adjusted



  • Buildable holograms in lots have been limited to holograms that are connected to a doorway directly or through other built holograms
    • Holograms are also not buildable unless their module is not connected to a module which has a completed framework
  • FCU’s torque calculations have been fixed, when several thrusters are grouped (behind a single MFC output)
  • A temporary mechanism has been added to update structures containing Ore Crates (until the crate mass approach has been refactored)
  • Crafting data changes are now applied in Building tool material consumption
  • Fixes have been made for the tutorial job timers showing incorrect time with multiple players in the same session
  • Welding Tool effect syncing issue has been fixed
  • Welding Tool effect no longer appears when welding invalid targets

User Interface

  • Auction House UI is being worked on:
    • Support has been added for rendering an additional tab set when rendering PersonalWindow windows
    • The (station storage/ships/blueprints) rendering has been refactored to a common script, as it is used by both trade and auction house menus
    • The general layout has been added to the buy tab
  • Message of the day -box has been changed to open automatically when there are new messages

Spaceship/Lot/Interior Designer

  • Unlocalized placeholder object names and descriptions have been removed
  • Empty object names are now shown as their object type’s localized name in the scene view and properties windows
  • ‘Furniture’, ‘Cables’ and ‘Pipes’ categories have been added
  • Function to prevent options set by the user from being reset after updating the game has been added: if an option hasn’t been modified by the user, it will automatically update to the latest recommended setting.
  • Spaceship Designer background model not resetting for clients that exit the Spaceship Designer has been fixed
  • Synchronized group exit has been added: all players are returned to the game world when the host decides to exit, instead of clients being kicked each into their own empty instance of Spaceship Designer



  • New one handed tool stand idle animations have been made, crouch versions in-progress (3rd person)
  • Emote_shutdown_end tailing has been modified, the emote should now end and tail very soon after the player has interrupted the loop
  • Emote_facepalm_a has been finished
  • Midair death animation variations are being worked on


  • LODs updated to match the changes in Medium Halls: 1-3, 5, 7, 8 and 14
  • FarLODS updated to match the changes in “Housing grid slots”
  • Marketplace has been updated
    • Floating weapon parts in the MAG store have been fixed and 6 mannequins have been added to the Kite store
    • FarLOD model for Marketplace’s hallway has been added
    • Exterior decoration update for Marketplace’s main hall is being made.
  • Holograms have been added for Spaceship Shop. Metro stop -holograms are incoming


  • Medium-sized ice rocks have been modeled and their placements are being tested in-game
  • Icons have been updated for Small Gas Container, Medium Gas Container, Large Gas Container and Fuel rod
  • New small 12x12cm modular button base asset has been made
  • Moon rock texture scale has been adjusted
  • Sharp small size rocks for ice asteroids have been made
  • Sharp asteroid rock formations are in the making
  • Bloom intensity and size have been changed: bloom is now less intense
  • Sun brightness has been lowered
  • Edits to the laser turret and rifle projectiles and muzzle flashes have been finished

Gallery of the week


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