Week 26 (June 22nd – 26th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 26, please enjoy!



  • Armor set themed weapons have been added to the economy
  • Economy configurations, fixes and design have been worked on:
    • Weapon set pricing has been adjusted
    • Adjustments and fixes have been made to the crafting data
  • Weapons and electronics have been updated with less used and more logical materials
  • Player-to-player trading design has undergone fixes
  • Auction House logic for viewing auctions has been improved on
  • Auction House usability has been improved and sell page has been simplified

Stations / Lot Designer

  • Spaceship shop for players to sell their own ships is being made
  • Colliding art assets in Small Hall 5 have been removed
  • “Hallway End” -modules’ priority snaps have been lowered, resulting in better alignment with the rest of the hallways
  • Housing slots in Starting station have been replaced with un-rentable ones, in preparation for the upcoming Proia Station
  • “Small hall 8” has been added to the Lot Designer


  • Angled beam 72×72: Attachment plates should now snap better
  • 30 degree beams short ends should now snap together



  • Small improvements and fixes have been made for player-to-player trade
  • Player position update has been modified to fix projectiles not to unintentionally hit moving players (for example self shot ship projectiles)
  • Recovering despawned ships is now possible
  • Ship recovery should now successfully despawn ships in local station even if spawning fails
  • Unauthorized removal of bolts should no longer be possible in the safe zone
  • Durability’s Spaceship Designer colors and the misplaced “beam not connected to the largest frame section” warnings have been fixed
  • “Torque deadzone” now adapts also to highly maneuverable ships, reducing issues with the 1/10000 thrust level steps
  • An issue where thrusters would operate with outdated input values when the device requirements were restored has been fixed
  • RangeFinderDevice not hitting its own entity has been fixed
  • Lot building not progressing beyond the first pieces has been fixed

User Interface

  • Closing inventory causing lag has been fixed
  • Auction House Sell Tab is being worked on: Dragging functionality has been added to work with the slots as well as rendering of UI elements
  • Page buttons have been added to Auction House pages
  • Trade now gets rejected when the player that doesn’t accept the trade modifies the offer
  • All received trade requests are now rejected when sending a request, so both players don’t have active requests from each other
  • Complex item tooltips and magazine amount not showing correctly to the other player has been fixed
  • Trading backpacks with items inside has been prevented
  • Dragged items being dropped in the world when trade was cancelled has been fixed
  • Rearranging items in the trade window with double-click has been prevented
  • Bolt Tool helper now warns if there is a bolt profile that is not in usable place

Spaceship/Lot/Interior Designer

  • V-snap tool doesn’t interact with locked layer objects anymore
  • A number of issues that occurred when exiting the game via ALT+F4 or similar means while in the Spaceship Designer have been fixed
  • ‘Save finished’ and ‘load finished’ log messages have been added to the bottom of the screen
  • Saving has been prevented when CTRL+S or File/Save is pressed and there are no changes in the scene
  • Blueprint upload failing when scene is saved after visiting the test mode has been fixed
  • Pipe, cable and furniture layer opacity settings have been added to settings menu
  • A bug that caused the settings menu to get stuck in certain situation has been fixed
  • The brush plane depth slider has been adjusted to increments of 0.25 (previously 0.05)
  • Temporary modifiers preventing component base color from being properly updated have been fixed
  • An optional auto deselect feature has been added that deselects highlighted parts upon switching to the paint tool
  • SSCProperties toggle has been added to temporarily disable premium colors


Animations and Emotes

  • New gameplay animations are underway: move stop to prone, move stop for relaxed run with a rifle, move stop for run with a tool, move stop for run with pickaxe (+relaxed)
  • Midair death animations polished
  • Tweaks made to jump and landing related animations (1st person)
  • Emote_scorn and emote_tantrum are in the making


  • Projectile for rail gun turret is in the works
  • Autocannon muzzle flash and projectile effects have been modified
  • Antigel rifle effects have been updated
  • Battlerifle effects have been updated: hit FX, muzzle flash, and correct reload FX added to the weapon

Stations / Lot Designer

  • VIS Headquarters A and Empire VIS Headquarters: red color has been adjusted to be deeper and sharper, updated model and texture maps have been added for the office floor
  • FarLOD model and texture maps of Mass Transit Side Stop have been updated
  • Marketplace updates
    • Main Hall exterior decorations have been updated
    • Hangar exterior decorations have been updated
    • Holograms are in the making
  • Blue light strips for imperial capital station are in the making


  • Initial object (rock) placements for all current large ice asteroids have been made
  • L-sized sharp asteroid rock formations have been made
  • UI icons have been made for the ammo categories
  • Bastion armorset’s texture and paintjob quality has been polished

Gallery of the week


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