Week 27 (June 29th – July 3rd )

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of Week 27, please enjoy!



  • Ship machinery and electronic components have been looked into for crafting materials configurations
  • Crafting data configurations have been updated
  • New economy configurations made to support crafting data changes
  • Issues related to sorting auctions has been fixed
  • Company Jobs tab UI has been updated
  • Design work for Auction house Sell page continues
  • Tutorial and the starting experience of the game is being designed
  • Correct colors have been added to the Paint Tool in Spaceship Designer

Stations / Lot Designer

  • It’s now possible to spawn and despawn ships in Proia station’s VIS HQ
  • Grid slot for the upcoming Player spaceship shop has been created, the actual shop is still being worked on by level artists
  • More rental lots and landing platforms have been added to Proia station


  • Scrollbars have been added for script and toolbox window in Spaceship Designer
  • Pipe tool now has a bigger aim sphere



  • Items carried on back slot have been fixed not to unintentionally push player
  • Player roll and pitch binds have been added
  • The temporary solution related to Ore Crate contents has been fixed to properly affect mass centers of structures (thus triggering FCU updates upon crate content changes).
  • You can no longer grab chairs if someone is sitting there (this prevents “motion sickness simulations”)

User Interface

  • More slots have been added to mining backpack
  • Normal backpack weapon slot not working has been fixed
  • Priority device field has been added to Modular Ore Cargo Crates
  • YOLOL support has been added to resource bridges
  • Insurance transfer menus now show 15 transfer points, and a scroll bar has been added to insurance terminal
  • A game crash caused by other player adding a broken item to the trade window has been fixed
  • Information about graphics settings has been added to Feedback Tool’s report data

Spaceship/Lot/Interior Designer

  • Default autosave interval has been extended from 10 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Autosave countdown reset on scene change has been disabled. The option has been removed from the settings menu
  • The number of locally stored autosave files has been increased from 5 to 20
  • Paint tool option sliders have been fixed
  • Filtering search has been added to scene view window in Spaceship Designer
  • A bug that caused overwriting saved blueprint versions with unsaved changes has been fixed
  • An issue where paint tool caused test mode to freeze has been fixed
  • Paint colours now use an index based system instead of directly referring to the mach::COL value
  • Brush plane depth now works independently of brush size
  • An issue where paint tool options weren’t properly saved when swapping in and out of test mode has been fixed
  • Brush plane visualization grid not being properly drawn in all situations has been fixed


Animations and Emotes

  • New one-handed tool draw & holster animation has been made (3rd person)
  • New one-handed tool crouch relaxed idle animation has been made (3rd person)
  • New one-handed tool crouch universal tool idle animation has been made (3rd person)
  • Pickaxe crouch relaxed idle using wrong transition animation has been fixed
  • Emote_scorn is now finished
  • Emote_shutdown now has crouch and prone versions of the animation
  • Stop animations have been polished


  • The autocannon muzzle flash effect has been polished
  • The laser turret’s projectile effect has been tweaked to make it less bright, including changing texture and scale
  • The rail gun turret projectile has been updated with a new texture, tested with and without trail
  • The muzzle flash and projectile of the rail gun turret have been modified
  • Laser turret and rail gun turret effects have been updated
  • Some muzzle texture issues and broken FX hit components have been fixed
  • New textures and tweaked behaviour for muzzle added for Mini Gun
  • Battle rifle and long rifle FX have been tweaked
  • Rummage rifle animation has been made (3rd person)
  • New mounted weapon and turret textures are in progress
  • Updated inventory icons have been added for Revolver, Repeater Pistol, Pistol. (short and long versions)
  • Updated inventory icons have been added for Minigun, Whiplash and SMG

Stations / Lot Designer

  • FarLOD model and texture maps of Mass Transit Corner Stop have been updated
  • Tintmask of Mass Transit Side Stop has been updated
  • Large Hall 9 and Large Hall 3 LOD have been updated
  • Large hall 4 is in the process of being redesigned to fit the large lot area and will be added back to the Lot Designer once completed
  • Large hall 7 has been redesigned to fit the large lot area, and added back to Lot Designer
  • Large hall 3 has been redesigned to fit the large lot area, and added back to Lot Designer
  • Metro signs have been added
  • Animated hologram ad and different size variations of it have been made for advertising advertisement space for the players


  • Hologram effects have been made for gridslot decor plates (not added in the game yet)
  • Placement tests for sharp asteroid rocks are underway
  • Work on different moons is underway
  • New moon2 WIP large rock towers are in the making
  • Bastion armorset head emissive light was enabled and textures have been slightly fixed
  • Hunter armorset texture polishing is in progress
  • Large-sized sharp rock clusters for the rock asteroids have been made
  • Medium sized asteroid rock formations are in the making
  • A new texture suitable for beams, made of overlapping particle chains (squishy connection) has been created

Gallery of the week

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