Week 28 (July 6th -10th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 28:



  • Repair Job is in the making: a mock up station has been created for build test scenes and blueprint repair has been tested
  • Laser idle ammo has been added to economy and crafting data
  • Some economy fixes and configs have been made
  • Rangefinder asset collision tests have been made
  • Assembly Job’s instruction terminal issues have been fixed. All the terminals are now static and indestructible again
  • Refuel terminal’s UI design has been finished
  • Demolition Job has been tested
  • Material and blueprint tabs’ designs are in the making for the Universal Tool
  • Asteroids maximum loading amount has been reduced from 10 to 2 to improve performance in the belt. Only 2 asteroids are fully loaded at the time, other asteroids remain LODs

User Interface

  • Cash Shop design is in the making: layout has been reworked and some mock ups have been created


  • The disposal shaft in Ship Demolish hall has been updated to look like a large shaft instead of multiple single ones
  • The broken take-off terminals in the Command Center have been fixed
  • Ore storage towers’ resource bridge connection should now be synced with other players / group members



  • An issue where rangefinders reported zero distance in some ship setups has been fixed
  • Building hologram outline has been added to the options menu
  • Issues with the player character animation direction have been fixed
  • Ship blueprints can now be made visible on spawned ships and the blueprint can be repaired using the Building Tool

User Interface

  • All items are now stackable
  • Double-clicking items now sends them first to equipment, then to station inventory
  • An issue with Resource Bridge’s device fields affecting mining backpack’s normal slots has been fixed
  • Animation context activation has been added for the Resource Bridge emote
  • ‘Invite received’ signal has been added to FriendClient, so that the invite could be added to chat
  • An issue that prevented the player from picking up ore nuggets with the ‘P’ key has been fixed
  • Ores can now be picked up to the large bag slots

Spaceship Designer

  • Module library’s first version has been committed. Deleting/renaming folders and deleting module parts works now
  • Layer control buttons have been added for pipes and cables
  • Paint tool part selection optimization is underway
  • Colour update syncing has been added to the component colouring action
  • Maximum brush size and plane depth have been reduced to (at least temporarily) decrease the amount of network traffic caused by the new syncing


Animations and Emotes

  • Saw Tool reload animation has been finished (3rd person)
  • Remote explosive related animations are in the making (3rd person)
  • One-handed tool fire animation has been made (3rd person)
  • Rig has been made for the mounted weapon turret
  • Rummage animations are in the making (3rd person)


  • FarLOD texture maps of the Spaceship Shop have been updated
  • New farLOD has been added for the Empire and Kingdom versions of the Spaceship Shop
  • FarLOD model and texture maps of the Ship Demolish Hall have been updated
  • Lot Designer thumbnails have been updated to hall modules: Small 5; Medium 1-3, 5, 7-8, 14, 18; Large 4, 9
  • Small Hall 10 has been added to Lot Designer. (Small Hall 9 has also been created, but due to categorizing issues, is still being worked on.)
  • Hologram and sign LODs have been updated to work with various distances, but are not yet fully implemented


  • Antigel Rifle, Autocannon and Rail Gun Turret have had updates on their muzzle flash
  • Texture issues and some commit errors with Minigun have been fixed
  • Laser Rifle, Bolter and Revolver effects have been updated
  • Gauss Rifle VFX (muzzle/trails) and Long Rifle (hit effect) have been updated
  • The common hit_12mm effect now has some additional extra longer lasting sparks
  • Minor tweaks have been made to Resolver’s muzzle
  • Updated inventory icons have been made for Antigel, Battle rifle and Gauss Rifle
  • Mounted weapon and autocannon WIP textures have been added and the blue default weapon tintcolor has been enabled


  • The wrongly assembled plasma cannons in the ship weapon shop in the Marketplace that had a mix of plasma and laser parts have been fixed
  • Asteroid LODs have been optimized to have more LOD levels
  • Medium sized asteroids have gained some few clusters and have been adjusted visual

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐