Week 29 (July 13th -17th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 29:



  • Design for a HUD editor is being worked on
  • Blueprint tab design for Universal Tool is underway
  • Demolition Job has been tested: technical core features are mostly ready, polishing will start next week
  • Design work for Decal Tool has started
  • UI design for Auction House’s blueprints is underway
  • General shop page has been updated: outdated sorting elements have been changed to up to date ones
  • The shop page layout has been reworked to accommodate the design of the item info screen

Stations / Lot Designer

  • Medium Hall 17 has been remodeled to fit the “Lot size – Small” -category, and is now called Small Hall 11
  • Medium Hall 18 is now called Medium Hall 13, due to the previous 13 being updated into a large one

Spaceship Designer 

  • 30 Degree plates have been moved to “Special Plates” (Plates)
  • 30 Degree beams have been moved to “Special Beams” (Beams)


  • Cable & Pipe tool magazine capacity has been increased (100->300)



  • Lamps are now buildable and unweldable in lots
  • Players can now use one-handed tools and weapons while Universal Tool is open and crosshair mode is on
  • Material tab now shows what material the pointed object / blueprint is made of

User Interface

  • n issue with removing mining backpack when ores are vacuumed has been fixed
  • The building layout and styling in the refuel menu have been updated

Spaceship Designer

  • LOD generation options have been added to Spaceship Designer
  • Save module tooltip being drawn wrongly has been fixed
  • Module folders being closed when a module is selected has been fixed


Animations and Emotes

  • Work on remote explosive related animation continues
  • Emote_point animation updated
  • Issue with emotes not playing correctly in pilot chair has been fixed
  • New emote_knock1 has been finished
  • Emote_halt is underway

Stations/Lot Designer

  • Exterior decorations on the biggest hall of the marketplace shops set is underway
  • Holograms/lightstrips have been added to VIS_empire_hq
  • Updated farLOD model and texture maps have been added to Command Center (Large)
  • Updated farLOD models and texture maps have been added to parts of VIS Headquarters A and Empire VIS Headquarters (tower models vis_office_floor and vis_office_floor_base)
  • Imperial capital station holograms have been updated to match the new gridslot changes
  • Large hall 4 has been redesigned to fit the large lot area and has been added to the Lot Designer
  • Small Hall 9 has been added to the Lot Designer


  • Flamer VFX has been updated, and FPS drop issues resolved
  • Gauss Rifle FX has been updated
  • Autocannon muzzle flash has been updated
  • Plasma turrets projectile and muzzle flash have been updated
  • Inventory icons have been updated for Arclighter, Bolter, Plasma Rifle, Laser Rifle, Long Rifle and Rail Rifle
  • Gauss rifle ADS fire animation recoil has been reduced
  • Mounted weapon and autocannon textures have been updated with better quality versions


  • Image asset has been added for the Spaceship Designer Material tool icon
  • Player Ship shop variation 2 is in the making

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐