Week 30 (July 20th -24th)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 30:



  • Work on the Demolition Job continues: instancing area and instructions terminal have been added, and the job has been tested
  • Design work for beam welding continues
  • New pyramid plates have been added to economy
  • Material progression and balance design has been worked on
  • Damage model update design has been worked on
  • Asteroid belt material distribution planning is in the works
  • Blueprint design is underway: blueprint obtaining and progression have been worked on

User Interface

  • Design for the Cosmetics Shop item and cart pages has been worked on
  • Updated mockups have been made for the Decal Tool

Spaceship Designer 

  • 8 new Pyramid plates have been added to the Spaceship Designer



  • Work on ship beam welding continues, beams can now be attached without snapping a beam to a blueprint first

User Interface

  • Feedback Tool’s screenshot editor now uses correct tool icons in the toolbox
  • Support has been added to Feedback Tool’s screenshot editor for creating, duplicating and deleting tools with a context menu and rearranging existing tools by dragging



  • Emote_halt has been finished
  • Emote_slap is in the making

Stations/Lot Designer

  • Large hall 5 has been redesigned to fit the large lot area, and added back to Lot Designer with an updated thumbnail
  • Minor visual fixes and tweaks to nearly all of the Lot Designer Hallway modules


  • Saw’s hit effect has been tweaked, and the amount of sparks has been increased
  • Plasma rifle’s projectile and muzzle flash have been tweaked
  • Laser turret projectile’s texture, hit effect and muzzle flash have been updated
  • Front/side texture tests have been made for projectiles
  • Axe melee weapon’s textures have been fixed slightly
  • Grenade Launcher VFX have been updated: new reload, shoot, projectile and hit effects
  • Repeater Pistol has been updated, projectile and hit effect updated
  • Rail Rifle VFX have been updated


  • Inventory icons have been added for: Flamer, Reaper Cannon, Combat Shield, Axe, Kukri and Khopesh
  • Hunter armorset’s texture quality has been polished and paintjobs updated
  • A new version for Sunny Ship Center sign has been created and a damaged version has been made for the second hand ship shop
  • A proper desktop shortcut icon has been added

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐