Week 34 (August 17th -21st)

Hello everyone! Here are the progress notes of week 34:



  • Design for the remote explosives has been finished and is now being implemented
  • Design for mining laser changes is underway
  • First version of the Ore Collector design has been finished and is now being implemented
  • Design for “Transfer all”-feature for all connected containers in mining backpack has been worked on
  • Progression design for Demolition Job has been finished
  • Cutting Tool has been added to Demolition Job
  • New shipwrecks have been added for Demolition Job: Carrier and Vasama Vanette
  • “Total mass” text in Universal Tool material tab has been changed to “Total volume”
  • New asteroid belt tech has been tested
  • Economy configurations and fixes have been made: tool, weapon and ammo prices have been adjusted

User Interface

  • The ship detail/info page is being worked on, “Hauling request screen” is in the works


  • Starting station’s layout has been changed
  • Workhub update is in progress
    • Hall created for the upcoming Repair Job
    • Grid slot layout has been changed. Waiting for level art and LOD update.
  • Shop signs have been updated
    • The legacy name “Market station” has been changed to “Marketplace”
    • The legacy name “Showroom” has been replaced with the spaceship shop’s logo
  • OKIM Industries’ spaceship shop has been updated
    • Magnus and Moonfish have been added. NOTE: These ships will spawn in the rotation they’ve been built, but that will be fixed.
    • Shop terminals have been moved in front of the ships for better visibility


  • Triangle thruster extension/Booster design is in progress



  • Refuel base logic implementation underway
  • A bug fixed that occasionally caused the player to drift away after sitting down on a chair
  • Torque deadzone adaptation adjusted further; especially poorly maneuvering ships should be able to fly straight better
  • Angular changes (damping, practically) are now applied to moving ships
  • Pieces split from a larger moving one start with a matching velocity
  • Pricing support added for items that are made of materials other than their default material
  • When despawning ships with cargo frames the cargo will be put into station storage if possible

User Interface

  •  Some bug fixes:
    • Social menu Context menu duplicates when right-clicking in the “quick access”-area has been fixed
    • Quickbar assert when there is no quickbar data saved has been fixed
    • Modular armor slot double click / dragging not setting item to slot has been fixed
    • Ammo being removed when item is dragged to equipment slot has been fixed
    • Modular armor slots color appearing wrong has been fixed
    • Dragging armor pieces to some modular slots failure has been fixed
    • Item type without inventory entry not loading into the quickbar upon login has been fixed

Spaceship Designer

  • The overlap test to detect overlapping objects that were bolted/welded together has been improved
  • The default Multi-user Undo System action history size has been set to 100
  • Settings menu options for configuring Multi-user Undo System history size have been added
  • A bug that caused the Spaceship Designer settings to only apply to the current Spaceship Designer editor has been fixed


Animations and Emotes

  • 1st person animations polished for: Long rifle
  • Work on remote explosive animations resumed
  • Rummage animations polish has been worked on

Stations/Lot Designer

  • Legacy station assets are being removed, which temporarily affects the visuality of station structures
  • Rando player spaceship shop logo has been updated
  • Hologram LODs have been created for the player spaceship shops
  • OKIM Industries’ spaceship shop logo sign holograms added to help players more easily identify entrances to the shop
  • Sunny Ship Center and Marketplace holograms have been changed
  • A mesh for the new Rando logo has been created


  • Auto Cannon VFX has been updated
  • FX offset issue in Buzzsaw has been fixed


  • New large asteroid cluster settings have been tested in-game
  • Assets for the Explosive Drill have been added
  • Battalion armorset textures have been added
  • Updated mining backpack texturing is in progress
  • Various UI assets worked on:
    • Camera overlay for taking screenshots
    • Quickbar on/off toggle buttons
    • Tooltip storage size requirement icons

Gallery of the week


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See you next week!🪐