Starbase is going international! Due to the large amount of Russian players, we are excited to launch our official Russian-speaking community. We hope that Russian-speaking players will use our official channels to come together – for camaraderie, or friendly in-game war!

We are using Russian as a test run, and hope to be able to cater to other language groups in the future.


The Starbase Forum now has a Russian Forums section, including an Information Portal, Game Discussions, and Community.

Visit Starbase’s Russian Forums.


We have launched an official VKontakte group, where we will share translated news and announcements to the best of our abilities.

Join the Starbase VKontakte group.


On Discord, you can now get a @RUS role and discuss Starbase in Russian. #rus-starbase-chat is reserved for general discussions about Starbase, and #rus-community-creations for ship designs, screenshots and such. You can find the translated of rules in #rus-rules and translated news in #rus-announcements.

Join the Starbase Discord.

Thank you for the screenshot goes to Комиссар Ёж!