✨ Happy 5th of December! ✨
Today we thought it would be nice to introduce our Discord servers to you. It has come to our understanding that some of the servers aren’t very known with our gaming communities, so we thought we would list them all here and talk a bit about them.

The official Frozenbyte Discord server is our general server for all of our games, and a good place to contact devs and ask about the company in general. The server consists of some announcement channels and game specific channels for Has-Been-Heroes, Shadwen and Shadowgrounds. There’s also a channel for all the information about the company, the servers we own and a separate channel dedicated to the information about applying for us.

Trine Discord is our newest server, published in October 2020. The server has separate categories for all the different Trine games, and several other channels such as a place for community creations and off topic talk. There’s also a place for people to find fellow Trine players and group up with them to play together. In addition to those channels, players are able to share their game-related issues on the server, and every game category has a dedicated channel for bug reports.

Nine Parchments
The official server for Nine Parchments has channels for all the 9p discussion, as well as a place for the community to talk about builds, share tips and tricks and share their fan art or other creations. You can also look for players to join you in the magical adventure. The server, as well as our other game dedicated servers, has a channel for bug reports, so feel free to contact us there.

Boreal Blade
Boreal Blade is our swordplay game, currently in Early Access on Steam. The server is a great place for finding players to play with and stay updated on recent game news. There are also channels for feedback, bug reports and one channel for the game lore!

Starbase is currently our biggest Discord server with over 32 thousand members. Starbase is an upcoming space MMO, with a fully destructible and infinitely expanding universe, and is currently in alpha development phase. We have over 15 channels on the server, and separate categories for alpha testers and the Russian community. We also have several announcement channels and information channels, which are helpful for all the new users and regular members who want to stay updated on any Starbase-related news.

Hope this was useful information for all of you. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Community Managers on the servers – they are there for you! See you on Discord!