✨ On the 4th day of December we’re bringing back the long awaited Starbase Discord emoji contest! ✨

We thought now would be a great time to fill some of those unused emoji slots that we gained from partnering with Discord. So, to participate: join our Discord server, check out the channel #emoji-contest and get creative!

Last year’s emoji submission by MisterMajestic


• All of the server rules apply to submissions.

• Submissions need to be original and related to Starbase. This means that all the submissions need to be made for Starbase specifically and they are not allowed to violate any copyright laws. Drawings and renders are preferable, but you may use the official Starbase media as well.

• Uploaded files need to be under 256kb. Discord simply doesn’t allow files larger than 256kb. You can use sites like https://ezgif.com/ to optimize your files online.

• You may submit up to 5 emojis per person.

• All submissions go in #emoji-contest and the channel is meant for them only.

• When the time is up, we will choose our favourites and put up a poll where you can vote for the emojis you like the best. Depending on how many submissions we receive, we will choose the most popular emojis to add to our server.

• Deadline is in two weeks, on the 18th of December. Get creative and have fun!

If you have any questions, you can leave them below this post or contact Community Managers on Discord!