Day 7 

Today we are celebrating Frozenbyte’s 19th birthday; the company was officially registered on the 7th of December 2001. Happy Birthday to us! 🍰

Several years ago, we shared a post showing some pictures of our offices and telling you a little bit about how Frozenbyte’s journey started. A lot has changed in a few years between 2016 and now, but of course some things have remained the same, such as our passion for creating amazing video games ❤️

What are the things that have changed, then? Well, we’re currently using two offices! Although, due to the pandemic, we’re mostly working remotely. Our second office is rather new, and isn’t located in Kuusisaari like the other.

We have also announced and launched several games since 2016. For example, Trine 4, Nine Parchments, Starbase and Boreal Blade! You can check out our Games page for all the games we have made / are in development.

If you would like to read the post about our 15th birthday, showcasing the old pictures mentioned above, check out the post here!